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April 28th, 2014

Book Review: jQuery 2.0 Development Cookbook

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It’s been a while since my last post. As crazy as it may seem, I’ve been super busy lately. Ever since I was “downsized” from my full-time job last November, I’ve found boatloads of work to be done as a freelance programmer and writer. I’ve also managed to get deeply involved in two start-ups, both of which require my full-time attention to programming. The pay is not nearly as good as before – in fact, it’s next to nothing – but I’m having a truckload of fun. Makes me feel like I just graduated from college all over again. Anyway, over the last couple months, I’ve managed to squeeze in enough time to read yet another technical book. In exchange for writing a review on this new book, the folks at Packt Publishing provided me a free copy! The book is called jQuery 2.0 Development Cookbook, written by Leon Revill. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it to be highly useful. For the record, Packt is one of my favorite publishers, as they provide a steady stream of technical books that satisfy my never-ending need for fresh technical content. And I like their policy of providing DRM-free PDF files, which works very nicely with my iPad. So I was disappointed to see a book that – in my opinion – failed to meet their normal standards. My complete review appears below, but the bottom line is that I give this book 3 of 5 stars. You can still learn a little by reading it, but it simply fails to provide…